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Prescription Fishing Glasses

Prescription glasses for fishing and boating presented below feature a Free-Form Digital lens design from Shamir that provides the best possible optics in wrapped glasses. This design is also available in a Progressive Prescription Lens. (Has reading area on the bottom of the lens.)  Polarized lenses are always recommended for use on the water because of the increased amount of glare reflecting off the water, and the ability to see through below the surface of the water. In general, most people prefer copper or brown polarized lenses in shallow or fresh water, and polarized grey lenses for deep water fishing. For fishermen who are more light sensitive, polarized grey may be the best option in all conditions.

Frames below also provide UV protection from the sides with wider temple pieces and wide, wrapped lenses. This will prevent UV light from reflecting off the back of the lens and into your eye. A backside AR Coating will also help with this.

Prescription Fishing Glasses FAQs

Can I Get Prescription Fishing Glasses?

There are many styles of prescription fishing glasses  at Prescription Safety Glasses Canada. Browse our selection for your top picks; once you choose a pair that suits, you will be able to select the prescription type, such as bifocal or multi-focus lenses, during the ordering process.

What Type of Glasses Are Best for Fishing?

Sun glare coming off the water is a huge problem for fishing enthusiasts, who need to see beneath the water to track fish. Polarized lenses filter out the glare and let you see clearly without distraction. Polarized prescription fishing glasses are a great choice for fishing and other water activities.

What Color of Polarized Lenses Works Best for Fishing?

If you fish on the ocean in full sunlight, blue is the best choice of polarized lens color to see beneath the water. If you are onshore, amber is better for a variety of uses, including sight fishing. Silver lenses work well for stream fishing and changing light conditions.

What Frame Style Works Well for Fishing?

Because fishing is an outdoor sport done against a broad background, consider a wraparound frame style for an uninterrupted field of vision. With polarized lenses in wraparound frames, your entire line of sight benefits from reduced sun glare, so you can spot movement in the peripheral zones, too.

What Other Features Should I Look for in Fishing Glasses?

Water sports and fishing enthusiasts know that reflections off the water come from many different angles. Fishing glasses with wider temples give wearers more protection against glare that comes from the side. With wider temples and wraparound frames, you are set for a more comfortable day on the water.

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