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Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses protect your eyes from flying debris and impact hazards. Plus, they can improve your accuracy. Certain lens colours can block Blue Light, increase contrast, and depth perception which enhances your view of the target or sights.

Use the product filters on this page to quickly find the features you want for your shooting glasses. The high-quality designer frames we stock will provide the impact protection and lens clarity you need while on the range or in the field. For the ultimate protection look for styles that are both ANSI Z87.1 certified and Ballistic-Rated.

Prescription Shooting Glasses & Ballistic Eyewear

Our collection of ballistic eyewear includes impact-resistant and ANSI-rated glasses, sunglasses, and goggles that are rugged enough for military, outdoor, and security applications anywhere. This premium eyewear has been rigorously tested to provide superior eye protection in hostile environments while still offering functionality and comfort. Whether for special military operations or just target shooting, ballistic eyewear is crucial to safety.

Prescription Shooting Sunglasses & Tactical Eyewear

Prescription Shooting Glasses and Tactical Sunglasses from Prescription Safety Glasses Canada are surfaced with a new Free-Form Digital lens technology to provide the best vision possible, and the most distortion-free peripheral vision. Unique accommodations can be made for shooters who require progressive lenses to focus on their front sight. First responders who require ANSI Approved safety glasses for their prescription tactical eyewear can find lots of options for these shooting glasses below. Our lab is certified to make prescription lenses for these ANSI stamped frames, and certified to make the required lab etchings in the lens when this level of certification is required.

Glasses on this Prescription Tactical Eyewear page were carefully selected with safety and optics in mind. All lenses for tactical glasses should be made from either polycarbonate or Trivex. Polycarbonate has performed extremely well for decades. Trivex is a newer material developed by the US Military. Trivex is lighter and has less chromatic abrasion (colour distortion) in the peripheral portions of the lens.

Non-Prescription and Prescription Ballistic Eyewear

Ballistic eyeglasses, sunglasses, and goggles with non-prescription and prescription lenses come in a wide array of rugged, ANSI-rated frames styles—including glasses that meet or exceed strict military MIL-SPEC standards for impact resistance. From sleek, ultramodern wraparound sunglasses to classically cool aviators, you\\\'ll find durable safety glasses crafted to impeccable standards for exceptional protection at the shooting range, when you\\\'re out hunting, or just working around the house. Customize your shooting glasses, ballistic sunglasses, and goggles with lenses in your prescription for eyewear that delivers the protection you want with the vision correction you need. Shop online at PrescriptionSafetyGlassesCanada.com to find premium ballistic eyewear that works as hard as you do.

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