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Why Use Safety Glasses with Progressive Lenses?

If you suffer from presbyopia and if you also cannot properly focus your eyes on nearby objects, then you may need safety glasses with progressive lenses.

If you suffer from presbyopia and if you also cannot properly focus your eyes on nearby objects, then you may need safety glasses with progressive lenses. Most people, after they pass their fortieth birthday, have such vision problems. It pays to go with progressive lenses and not lined-bifocal lenses because the former is more effective and attractive. Before opting for progressives, make sure that you consult with an eye doctor to find out why progressives are a better option. Also, it pays to find out the good and bad of progressive lenses before making your final decision.

Are higher costs justified?

The first thing that you need to understand is that the cost of safety eyeglasses with progressive lenses is higher than for regular bifocals or trifocals. However, progressives are a better option because they allow you to correct as many as three different vision problems in one pair. With them, you can see things that are far away and you can also improve your focus at intermediate distances. Finally, they help you focus better on objects that are close to you.

Why progressive glasses are better?

If you think that trifocals can do the job just as well, think again. So, why bother with progressives? The answer is that in trifocals, you need to alter your focus to see through the correct part of the lens. In progressive lenses, the lenses will blend seamlessly for different distances. Thus, you can easily shift your focus without needing to adjust your eyes. This is the reason why so many people prefer them.
If you opt for standard bifocals or trifocals, then separate areas of the lenses are designed to fix different vision problems. Also, with bifocals, the different areas are visible to others and this is one of the reasons why this kind of eyewear is not so popular. The visible reading areas make the wearer appear to be old. On the other hand, progressive lenses do not have any visible lines demarcating the different areas. This ensures that when you put on your safety eyeglasses with progressive lenses that you will look young and attractive.

Three areas of vision

A typical pair with progressive lenses will have three different areas of vision. At the very top is the area that allows you to focus on things that are further from you than an arm’s length. This is the area through which you can see things properly when driving or watching television. Below this area, is the area that allows you to properly focus on intermediate distances. Anything that is within an arm’s length of your eyes will be seen through this area of the lenses. At the bottom, is the reading area where you can properly focus your eyes on the matter that is close to you such as when reading a book or looking at your smartphone or tablet.

The nice part is that with progressives, there is a gentle and gradual shift of power between distance and reading and so there is no image jump. The only real problem with using progressives is that they can cause a slight distortion of your peripheral vision.

If you are working in conditions where there are eye hazards present and if you have difficulty focusing on objects at different distances, then you should wear safety glasses with progressive lenses. Here is a brief look at some of the good things about opting for safety eyewear with progressives.

Excellent viewing comfort

The first and perhaps the most important reason to choose progressives is that they offer excellent viewing comfort. Since the power at different distances changes so gradually, you will not have to deal with any image jumping problems that are the case when you go with bifocals or trifocals.

Second, these lenses also allow you to easily focus on things at an intermediate distance. This is a major benefit that you cannot afford to ignore. Sure, trifocals can also do the same but they suffer from image jumping and the viewing area on trifocals and bifocals are more limited.

Third, since there is no line demarcating the different powers on progressives, your eyewear would work better and look better as well. There are no lines to make your eyewear look dowdy. This is a major reason why so many people go with progressives instead of trifocals or bifocals.

Also, progressives are more convenient as you can easily accommodate up to three vision powers in one lens. Thus, there is no need to buy an additional pair to fix a separate vision problem.

The main downside to owning and using progressives is that it takes some time for you to become accustomed to them. Initially, you may feel a bit uncomfortable getting adjusted to these kinds of lenses. But, soon, you will become accustomed to them and everything will be ok. Also, they cost more than bifocals or trifocals. So, if you are prepared to pay a little more, you should opt for this kind of safety glasses.
The best way to see clearly through these kinds of safety glasses is by picking a frame that is big enough to accommodate the progressive lenses. You can ask an optician or go online to help you choose the right frame.

As for lenses, you need to know the different available lenses and then you should choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Again, an optician can help guide you about how to choose the best lenses.

How long does it take to get accustomed to safety glasses with progressive lenses?

Don’t worry if you do not get used to these lenses immediately. Give yourself some time and normally you can get accustomed to them within a week or two at most. Try to also refrain from jumping back and forth between your old pair of eyeglasses and your new ones during the adjustment period. Keep them on and soon you will get used to your new lenses.

Where should I buy my safety glasses with progressive lenses?

The best place to shop for your new safety eyewear is at a good and honest online seller. Also, make sure that you choose an online seller that carries a wide range of options as not all retailers are carrying the same types of lenses. Ask the seller a few questions about what kind of progressives suit your needs the best before you make your final decision.

Are there different types of progressive lenses that I should know about?

Not all progressives are created equal. So, make sure that you find out about the different types and then choose the one that best suits your needs. You can choose between standard progressives, HD progressives, Short corridor progressives, wide corridor progressives, polarized and photochromic/transition progressives.

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