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Buy Prescription Safety Glasses Online with Confidence and 100% Risk Free

Clear vision is crucial for safety. Prescription safety glasses combine durable physical eye protection with precise vision correction. Start by selecting a pair of frames that are rated for conditions on a work site or in any other environment in which you need to see clearly while protecting your eyes.


Prescription Safety Glasses

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Prescription Sports Sunglasses

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CSA & ANSI-rated Safety Eyewear from Prescription Safety Glasses Canada

Our collection of prescription safety glasses includes an array of frame styles that meet CSA z94.3 and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements and meet or exceed current Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards. Protect your eyes on the job and enjoy the optical clarity you need.

Shop safety glasses at Choose from our wide selection of CSA & ANSI-rated safety eyewear that meet workplace standards and get 100% satisfaction.


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Prescription Safety Glasses Canada

Are you looking for some awesome prescription eyewear in Canada? You've come to the right place. Whether you're hitting the hiking trails, hopping on a bike, or working in a factory, we have an incredible selection of prescription eyewear that can be custom-tailored to your needs. You can shop our vast collection of prescription eyewear by clicking on a category below or email up to! We'd be more than happy to help you find the most optimal frames for your active lifestyle.

Safety Glasses - Our Full List of ANSI Z87.1 Certified Safety Eyewear in Canada!

If you're looking for cool safety glasses, you've found them! We recommend you select the product category which you like to help narrow down the results. On the category page, you can filter by frame material, frame colour, frame size, and much more. If you have questions about a product, need help finding a particular item or would rather order by phone, feel free to contact us, we're happy to help.

Z87.1-2015 Glasses (or just Z87 for short) are eyeglasses that meet the minimum requirement for eye protection as defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This includes protection against impact, non-ionizing radiation, and liquid splash exposure.
Yes, you can tell which glasses are safety glasses if the glasses frame and/or lens is stamped with Z87 or Z87+ to show that the glasses meet ANSI standards for Z87 safety glasses certification.
Not all prescription safety glasses offer UV protection, and even if they do, the level of UV protection varies. AT Prescription Safety Glasses Canada, we offer performance tinted prescription lenses that provide as much UV protection as our best sunglasses.
Yes, we offer a variety of tints in our prescription safety glasses models. These tints come in a range of colours for different lighting situations. Photochromic (or Transitions) lenses are also available in some prescription safety glasses models. These lenses change tints as light conditions change.
Yes, prescription safety glasses are available at in progressive lenses, bifocal lenses and distance/single vision lenses.
The best prescription safety glasses for you fit well and meet or exceed the safety demands of your job. If you work mostly outdoors, you’ll want to consider tinted prescription lenses (or prescription safety sunglasses).
The best way to prevent fogging on your safety glasses is to order a pair with an anti-fog coating applied to the lenses. At Prescription Safety Glasses Canada, we offer this treatment for our lenses. Oil and dirt from your fingers can allow fog to build up on your lenses. So in addition, you should regularly clean your lenses with a soft microfiber cloth that won’t scratch them. is the best place to buy safety glasses. With a wide selection of prescription and non-prescription options in safety glasses, you’re sure to find the best safety glasses that satisfy your needs.
Prescription safety glasses will normally ship within 7-12 business days. Our production time can vary depending on frame availability and certain lens options. Your order will ship via the method you select during the checkout process. Unfortunately, the method of shipping that you choose will not cut down on production time. Therefore, selecting Next Day Air does not mean that you will receive your order the next day. It only means that UPS will ship it to you in one day from the time that they pick up the package from our facility.
Our prescription safety glasses can be made from a variety of materials including polycarbonate, high index 1.67, 1.74 and standard real glasses. We offer many lens coatings that can be used on safety glasses. All of our lens materials are ANSI Z87.1-approved, and the polycarbonate lens is ANSI Z87+. Our customer service team will be glad to help you if you have any questions about the material or its properties.
Safety eyewear is available with polycarbonate plastic or metal frames. If you work with high voltage electricity, the materials in your eyewear should be non-conductive. This means that frames should not be metal and should not contain any metal components. Otherwise, look for frames rated for any relevant safety hazards.


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