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How To Order Glasses Online?

Whether your purpose is for clear vision or the safety of your eyes, there is plenty of eyewear available at Prescription Safety Glasses Canada. Here's how to order high-quality eyewear to never miss out on the safety of your eyes.

1. Obtain Your Prescription

You must first have a valid prescription. Your prescription shouldn't be more than 12 months old. Also, if you feel like there are some issues with your vision, it is recommended to get your eyes tested once again.

2. Select a Safety Frame

The second step is to pick the frame into which your prescription lenses will be placed. We have taken care of this by providing thorough descriptions on the website. You should be well aware of the eye protection regulations for your job role as it can highly affect your selection and impact of the lenses. For example, those dealing with electricity should pick a non-conductive frame.

The very next step is to decide which kind of lenses will work best for your prescription and the activities you must conduct.

3. Select The Type of Lens

The most popular and straightforward lenses to use are single-vision lenses, which have a single prescription for the entire lens. It is feasible to order them for distant reading. Depending on your prescription and the type of issue, you can choose the lens. They come in all ranges and sizes. The other different lenses are single-vision, progressive, and bifocal lenses.

After selecting the lens type, the following step is to decide on your preferred size, color, and material.

4. Select Your Extras

You must choose any lens accessories or coatings you prefer after choosing the lens type. You might prefer your glasses to have a scratch coating and UV protection. It would help if you choose tinted or polarized lenses for this to occur. Other coatings offered are anti-reflective lens coating and mirror lens coating.

5. Choose The Lens Thickness

The next crucial step is to select the thickness of your lens. You can choose from various options, including polycarbonate, super thin lenses, air lenses, thinnest lenses, and impact-resistant lenses. The thickness will depend upon your purpose.

6. Mention Your Prescription

The next step is to either attach your prescription through email, text, or you can even upload it online. Other than that, there's an option to simply write down the prescription measures if you remember it all.

7. Check Out From The Cart

After selecting the required eyewear, you will be asked to fill in the billing and shipping details like name, place, address, etc., at the checkout. Once that is done, you are all set to place the order after reviewing your order once.

Following these simple steps on how to order online will help you get your preferable eyewear eyewear whether it is prescription safety glasses, sports glasses or sunglasses.