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Prescription Sports Goggles

Shop for the best prescription sports goggles for basketball, snowboarding, cycling, skiing, biking and more online at Prescription Safety Glasses Canada.

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Prescription Sports Goggles

The appropriate adult sports eyewear can readily prevent a large number of sports-related eye injuries. Ordinary everyday glasses simply don't cut it—in fact, they can cause more harm than good because they can shatter and pierce your eyes.

Prescriptin Safety Glasses Canada offers high-quality prescription sports eyewear that protects your eyes and lets you perform at your best. The protective eyewear at Prescription Safety Glasses Canada features advanced polycarbonate lenses that meet or exceed ASTM F803 standards. This guarantees that our eyewear will significantly reduce the risk of eye injury during any sport.

It's our mission to inform people about the risk-reducing power of adult sports eyewear and provide them with a product that delivers safety, comfort, and style. When it comes to prescription sports eyewear, Prescription Safety Glasses Canada is committed to providing adult sports goggles and glasses that prevent sport-related eye injury.

Shop for the best prescription sports goggles for basketball, snowboarding, skiing, biking and more online at Prescription Safety Glasses Canada Now.

Why should I wear basketball goggles?

Basketball goggles help you see clearly, protect your eyes and prevent injuries. Some players with perfect eyesight wear non-prescription goggles because of how well they protect the eyes. Everyday glasses are not designed for the sweat, rigours and high-contact intensity of basketball. Goggles, however, are. Ordinary eyeglasses might fog up and hinder your vision during a crucial moment, but goggles enable you to see well and perform to your potential. Look for goggles that cover the whole eye.

Prescriptin Safety Glasses Canada has a wide variety of prescription basketball goggles. They come in different styles and offer impact resistance, easy adjustability and soft silicone support for the nose.

Is it safe to wear glasses when playing basketball?

It depends on the type of glasses. If you wear your ordinary everyday glasses, then no, that is unsafe. These eyeglasses do not adequately protect your eyes and are prone to breaking. They may fog up and hurt your performance on the court. However, basketball glasses (also called basketball goggles) are designed for basketball and other sports.

Because of the protection offered, some players wear basketball glasses even if their vision is good. Prescription Safety Glasses Canada offers prescription and nonprescription basketball glasses in a range of styles. These eyeglasses measure up to the frenetic, high-intensity rigours of basketball. They're designed to help you, not hurt you.

Do high school basketball players wear glasses?

Many do, even if their eyesight is perfect. That's because basketball-specific glasses and goggles provide superior eye protection. At Prescriptin Safety Glasses Canada, a range of prescription basketball glasses is available for youth and adults. You can also get them nonprescription.

Avoid wearing your everyday glasses for high school basketball. They can lead to eye injuries and do not sufficiently protect your eyes. Also, the nature of basketball means that your glasses could fall to the floor or be knocked off, and break. Regular eyeglasses can hurt your on-court play as well. Even if they fog up just occasionally, you don't want to worry whether they're about to fog up in a critical moment.

Can I Play Basketball With Glasses?

While it is acceptable to wear glasses when playing basketball, the right type of eyewear must be worn to avoid eye injury and ensure your glasses don't get in the way of your performance. Investing in a pair of sports spectacles or goggles that are impact-resistant is recommended for sports like basketball.

What Are Basketball Goggles?

Basketball goggles are a type of sports eyewear that wrap around the head to prevent slippage and to provide the eye with full coverage from every angle. Sports eyewear is made from durable materials, such as polycarbonate, that protect the eyes from projectiles and other accidents.

Can You Get Prescription Basketball Goggles?

You can purchase prescription basketball goggles to protect your eyes without needing to wear a pair of contact lenses underneath your eyewear. You can also invest in other lens features, such as tinted sunglasses lenses, anti-scratch coatings, and more. We carry a large variety of prescription sports eyewear for basketball players of all ages.

Who Wore Basketball Goggles in the NBA?

Wearing glasses while playing basketball isn't just reserved for kids or amateur players. Many famous colleges and NBA players wore basketball glasses because they didn't like wearing contacts or protecting their eyes after suffering an eye injury. Examples include Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Horace Grant, and Kurt Rambis.

How Do I Keep My Basketball Glasses From Fogging Up?

Sports glasses or goggles are most prone to fogging in extreme heat or cold. Additionally, goggles are more likely to fog than spectacles. Choosing anti-fogging technology when customizing your glasses is one of the most effective ways to prevent your lenses from fogging up.