Women's Safety Glasses

Women's safety glasses are useful both at work and at play. They are available in many colours and styles as well as designs. The good news is there is a growing number of women that wear such eyewear to protect their eyes. What they want from such eyewear is comfort and style as well as something fashionable.

Bulky and Large
For a long time, not so long ago, working women did not have too many options in terms of protective eyewear. They had to contend with glasses that were bulky and too large as well as heavy for their tender and small faces. They had to make do with the glasses designed for men. soon, however, manufacturers began to realize that there was a market for women's safety glasses and so they started to make glasses designed especially for women. These glasses suited the smaller women's faces and were available in multitudes of colours, and styles and they were also very fashionable. In other words, they suited the needs of every woman and so became more popular.

Smaller and Snug Fitting
Safety glasses designed for use by women were smaller in size and fitted a woman's face very nicely and snugly. They were designed for narrow and small faces. It was not only women that found these eyewear items very useful but also men with small faces could use them without any problems. The best way to protect your eyes is by wearing eyewear that fits properly.

Safety Standards
Women's safety glasses are made to conform to the same safety standards as are applicable for men's safety glasses. They have to meet the OSHA 29 CFR 1910, 133 standards. In addition, they also comply with the Z87.1 safety standard as laid down by ANSI.

What makes safety glasses for women different from safety glasses for men is that the former offers a wide field of vision and offer excellent glare protection. Also, they can provide suitable impact resistance.

Made for Specific Conditions
The good news is that these items of eyewear are made for specific conditions. Some are made for the working woman while others are made for sportswomen and those that use them under special conditions. They also adhere to the safety standards in Europe and Canada. Overall, they offer excellent protection for women against a variety of hazards including chemical and liquid splashes. They protect the eyes against dust, infrared light, lasers, computer screens, welding and military ballistic.

You can pick from a variety of options including those that have anti-fog coatings and which have photochromic lenses. Women can wear these safety glasses for shooting and sports. They can also wear polarized women's safety glasses. As for style, there are again many options for them to choose from.

Wide Assortment
A good number of manufacturers of safety glasses for women are offering a wide assortment of glasses with coloured lenses. However, not all companies offer such protective eyewear. So, you need to research your options well before you make your decision. If you are looking for a pair with a suitably coloured lens, you are in luck because there are numerous options to choose from. From pink to amber to orange and brown to bronze to copper and coffee-coloured lenses, there are certainly several options available to women. They can also choose blue lenses, infinity blue lenses, purple lenses, yellow lenses and much more.

The best place to shop for women's safety glasses is over the Internet. Numerous retailers out there sell the best quality safety glasses for women. You can even find authorized international distributors that sell glasses made by different manufacturers. So, it is not hard to buy a pair sporting a famous brand name and if you shop at the right place, you can buy what you need at a lower price.
You won't find it hard to find sellers that sell safety glasses for women that are very stylish and are made by famous manufacturers. You can also pick up discount safety glasses for women as some retailers offer good discounts on these protective eyewear items.

The bottom line is that there are numerous styles and designs for you to choose from. All that you need to do is find one that protects your eyes completely and which at the same time also makes you look great.